• Ephamaracus


    A mighty green dragon, Ephamaracus is the owner of the gem and wants it back. He will stop at nothing to reunite with it, but for what purpose?
  • Noble Redsun

    Noble Redsun

    Redsun has purchased the stolen gem and upon confrontation with the PCs has shown his true colours. A young green dragon masquerading as a rich nobleman, he works for his master to return the gem to him.
  • Trader Merrick

    Trader Merrick

    Trader Merrick is the PCs patron in the small port town. He has asked them to retrieve a precious stone for him in exchange for passage on a ship heading up the coast.
  • Trader Tarman

    Trader Tarman

    Tarman is accused of stealing wares from Merrick including a precious stone. The PCs raided his warehouse to find the stolen goods however, there was no sign of the stone.