Sons of Tiamat

Session 1 - Stolen Goods

PCs present:
Eladrin Wizard
Dwarven Cleric
Dragonborn Barbarian
Minotaur Fighter

Ok so this was our first session and first meeting of the new NCFE Gaming Society. There was a good turn out, four players plus one GM. We had a veteran of the old editions and three completely new players.

We started off by going through the main rules and looking through the randomly generated characters I had brought.

GM Note: The random character generation on the DDI Character Creator is very random, there is very little thought or lean towards anything vaguely optimized or even really common sense (Dragonborn Str based Barbarian with Wis as his Breath Weapon focus anyone!?). It would take more time, but from now on I will just build characters myself or have players bring them to sessions.

The party was well balanced, they had one of each role, so we began. I’d brought handouts of rule sheets which I found infinitely useful when I was first learning the new system.

Our band of heroes find themselves in the small Port town of Gullshead out of pocket and in need of transport up the coast. The PCs agree to help Trader Merrick by investigating his allegation of a rival stealing goods from him, particularly an expensive jewel. In return, Merrick has promised to provide the group with travel arrangements on the next ship out of Gullshead heading up the coast to the major city port.

The group promptly made their way to a warehouse belonging to Merrick’s rival, Tarman. Tarman wasn’t around but they were greeted by his goons and a few guard dogs.

GM Note: Putting three minion hounds in close proximity with a wizard around is a bad idea, he pretty much obliterated all of them in the first turn

With the dogs taken care of the group turned their collective attention to the rough looking pirate types advancing on them. A few rounds into this, we were joined by a taskmaster, who stormed through the backroom door wanting to know what the commotion was about.

GM note: I’d set a round timer for when this guy would show up, I was pleased that the players identified him as the highest risk in the room and started beating on him

The Minotaur fighter turned out to be a good sticky tank, much fun was had with his charge abilities and I don’t think there were any KOs though there were a few close calls.

Hidden archers kept the group busy during and after the taskmaster was downed and the wizard once again made short work of them by using his cantrips to push piles of boxes onto the unsuspecting gnomes! When the dust settled, the PCs discovered a sales note and a sketch of the jewel they had been searching for. Tarman had sold it to a noble named Redsun.

The cleric had a chance to shine here (even after the character creator completely butchered his stats!) by making a knowledge nature roll. He got just enough to identify, with some forboding, that the jewel they had been sent to retrieve was no jewel, but a highly polished dragon scale. The gem had been named an emerald, so the group would deduce that the scale belonged to a green dragon.

After a brief conversation about play and character sheets, the next stage was decided. In the next session the group travel to Redsun’s compound in an attempt to retrieve the jewel for Merrick.

GM note: All in all a good first session with a promising turnout. Players picked up the core rule of D20 rolling fast and seemed to have fun tearing into Tarman’s crew.

Session 2 - Redsun's Compound

Placeholder for session 2 notes

Session 3 - Redsun's Demise

Placeholder for session 3 notes


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