Welcome to the Sons of Tiamat campaign blog for 4e.

The campaign is played in bi-monthly Encounter style sessions between a group of work colleagues. All players are new to the system and to RPGs in general, so this is an exploration of their development and what I hope to be the successful building and running of an RPG club within our office.

About the Campaign

Sons of Tiamat is broken up into 6 session long story arcs or seasons with one encounter in each episode. It is designed to be easy to drop in or out of sessions and with new players in mind. The campaign has been a lesson in encounter and skill challenge design as well as plot development.

About the GM

Nightracer has been role playing for about 6 years as a player. The longest campaigns she has been part of is an ongoing 3.5 RPG set in the Forgotten Realms and a 4e game, again set in the Forgotten Realms. She has also dabbled in NWOD, Dread, Cthulhu and hopes to begin a Warhammer 40k game soon. She has recently embarked on a project to set up an RPG society within her office and to teach newcomers to the hobby.

Sons of Tiamat